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Why You Need Our Asbestos Abatement Services:

If you have purchased or are renting an older home, you may be wondering if you need to be concerned about asbestos. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was used in homebuilding and in many other products for years until adverse health effects including lung cancer and other lung diseases began turning up, sometimes long after initial exposure. Use of asbestos was banned in homebuilding in the late 70’s.

Guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are that asbestos does not pose a risk unless it is “friable,” meaning it is beginning to flake or crumble. Most recommendations suggest leaving it alone if not friable, and that asbestos removal should be considered a last resort, as it poses more risk of contaminating the surrounding environment. If asbestos is friable, removal becomes necessary. If not, the recommendation is to “encapsulate” the areas against possible damage, which means enclosing the asbestos in a protective coating or building a structure around it.

3E Environmental is well established Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor. 3E have carried out projects located in places such as occupied industrial buildings, residential buildings and fire damaged structures. 3E provide services in asbestos including surveys, encapsulation, removal and disposal of asbestos materials. Ensuring a safe and accurate job 3E use fully trained and medically monitored teams. 3E meet all requirements to do with asbestos removal and provide services to remove all types of asbestos. 3E Environmental realise the huge problem with asbestos and the dangers that can occur. Asbestos can be found in thermal insulation, reinforced cement, noise attenuation, cloth & rope, gasket material, fire proof boarding and in many other materials. The inherent danger from asbestos is manifest through the disruption and subsequent inhalation of its fibres. 3E ensure the utmost precaution is taken whilst removing or disposing of asbestos, investing heavily in training to guarantee the most current and effective safety measures and procedures are employed.

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